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The Long Winter

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This has been on hell of a winter for us.  Worse in 140 years… we’ve hit records for snowfall and cold temperatures.  It’s really been very miserable.  It’s the first of March and we’re staring down the barrel of yet ANOTHER winter storm.  I really am beginning to wonder if we shall ever see nicer temperatures and perhaps a little sunshine?  Is that too much to ask? So many times, this winter, have I been reminded of the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, The Long Winter.  I see some of our…read more

My Goat Story…

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I suppose everyone has a story about a love affair off to a rocky start.  Mine involves a pair of handsome young bucks and ill timing. You see, many people think that I dislike goats.  It’s a fact that I get ribbed about often.  And I will admit, I am a sheep gal, first.  I love my sheep.  I guess in the livestock world it’s something akin to the Mac vs Windows crowd, or the Ford vs. Chevy folks.  You really can’t like sheep and goats.   The universe might…read more

How Many Animals?

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Something that I get asked often is  “Do you have enough animals, now?”  Or “have you reached your limit?”   Sometimes I’m not really sure how to answer this sort of question.  Part of me thinks, oh, do they think we have too many?  Or is there some sort of legal limit?  And then sometimes I think, it’s just more of a non-homesteading, farmer sort of question because they equate most of our animals as pets…   not livestock.  And then, sometimes, I just need to remember that it’s just…read more

Best Laid Plans…

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One of the things that I have noticed in our homesteading life journey is that our plans change.  Often. It’s not that we’re wishy washy or can’t make up our minds, it’s rather that as we step away from mild interest or book reading and other research and actually DO sometime, you can’t always know that you are keen on it or can adapt it into your lifestyle. At first, I felt as if I was betraying something, someone, when we changed horses in midstream.   Afterall, shouldn’t we have…read more

Podcast #1… The First One!

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Eating Locally…

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Of course, the trend around our parts is to do everything locally. And I think that is a fantastic trend! And it makes so much sense. Doing everything locally helps to support your own community. We have been working diligently to make that a reality around our little homestead. From visiting our local orchard to using local mechanics and buying from the local hardware, we are trying to make sure that our dollars stay here, in our community, to help our local friends and neighbors. It’s not always easy… the…read more

With Livestock, You Have Deadstock…

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Yesterday, we said goodbye to a feeder piglet named Meyer. He was part of a team, a pair of fall hogs named Oscar and Meyer. For whatever reason, he was not thriving. He ate well, was a happy hog and didn’t have any apparent wounds or illness. He just didn’t gain weight like his counterpart. We consulted with our fellow hog farmers and the consensus was that he had worms. Well, we’ve never wormed our meat hogs because they come that way from the fella we buy them from and…read more

Some Ideas for this Blog…

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For some time now, I’ve been dreaming of writing a blog that was really centered around the new modern homesteading movement, and in particular, for single women.  I have nothing against men, in fact, most of my best pals are guys… it’s just that so many women I meet in homesteading are really the driving forces behind their families and their decision to pursue homesteading.  Both urban and rurally.  And yet, there is this preconceived notion that you have to have a man around in order to live this kind…read more

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.

- L.M. Montgomery

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